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Pakistanis in all fields are enormously talented. Rida Shah is one such photographer who takes pride in the fact that she is a “concept based photomanipulation artist” who uses her photography usually to show the darker side of life but this time she used her skills for something completely different. She transformed famous Pakistani celebrities into very well-known Disney characters old and new. This was a fun exercise which gave these celebrities digital makeovers.

Here are the makeovers of Pakistani celebrities as famous Disney characters. Do share which actor looks best in the make over and which one you think should have been given a different make over.

Mahira Khan as Rapunzel:

Rapunzel is one of the most well known and oldest Disney princesses who was known for her long hair and big eyes. The old Disney Rapunzel was given a new face when the animated series Tangled came out. It was a brand new take on an old fairy tale and it also gave a twist to the age old tale by giving Rapunzel’s long hair magical powers.

Here is how Mahira Khan was transformed into Princess Rapunzel.

mahira khan

Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch as Cruella:

Cruella De Vil was initially a character from a very famous novel which was adapted by Disney for its animated series 101 Dalmatians. Unlike Rapunzel Cruella was not a sweet princess but she was the main villain in the series. Singer Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch was given a makeover to look like this evil character who always wore fur coats and scarves made from dog fur!

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What do you think about the make over?


Syra Shahroz as Snow White

Disney princess Snow White was known for her fair complexion and sweet nature. Syra Shahroz looks like the perfect Snow White in this makeover. She has the cute looks needed to fit a Disney princess.

Have a look. Perfect fit or not?


Armeena Rana as Maleficent

The film Maleficent was a new take on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. In this film the character of the anti-hero Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie was liked more by the audience than the heroine’s character. Maleficent had horns and very high cheek bones. Armeena Rana Khan’s makeover is perfect.

Here is Armeena as Maleficent.


Hamza Ali Abbasi As Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider was the leading character in the Disney animation tangled. Flynn Rider had a playful personality but he had a good heart. Hamza Ali Abbasi expressions and makeover make him perfect as Flynn Rider. He is not the first Pakistani actor who has been made to look like Flynn, Fawad Khan also looked like him in his first Bollywood flick Khoobsurat. Some people also think Osman Khalid Butt would have made a better Flynn Rider.

What do you think?


Fawad Khan as Prince Philip

Prince Philip was the prince who rescued Aurora in the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. Prince Philip’s famous hat is missing from this makeover, everything else suits Fawad Khan like he was born to be Prince Philip!

Don’t you agree?


Sabeeka Imam as Elsa

Elsa’s character from Frozen is one of the most famous one from the latest Disney princesses. Sabeeka Imam looks superb in this makeover.


Osman Khalid Butt as Captain Hook

Osman Khalid Butt did not get a makeover as a hero from a fairytale but as a villain. Captain Hook is the villain from the cartoon Peter Pan. Details like the pirate patch, the twisted mustache and the hook make this makeover complete.


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